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WWE Fatal 4 Way PPV on LI sees many title changes

Let’s face it, going into Fatal 4 Way tonight there was no juice for this pay per view card. I mean how could there be? No booking of the mid card at all with all the focus on the main two title matches. The way you fix all of that: many title changes and the NXT invasion angle continues. But was it enough?

Right off the bat here were the title changes: Your new World Heavyweight Champion is Rey Mysterio, after defeating Jack Swagger, CM Punk and Big Show in the Fatal 4 Way match. Rey pins Swagger.

My take: Seems like the WWE is tired of waiting for Swagger’s title reign to take off. I really can’t blame them for taking the title off of him. I’m a little disappointed because I wanted to see he and Taker fight for the title at Summerslam. Also, I have no love for Rey Rey as you may know from previous blog posts.

I’m not 100 percent shocked that Swagger lost the title, but I am shocked that his shoulders were pinned. It will be interesting to see where Swagger goes from here. Does the WWE still have confidence in him? Will he remain as a top heel on Smackdown? Probably because the show needs him.

It was so dumb to have Kane come out and continue to look for Undertaker’s attacker during the title match. Enough with shoving this angle down the throat of the fans. It’s bad enough this is going to amount in Kane being the attacker and having another poor match between Taker and Kane.

Sheamus is your new WWE Champion after winning the match against John Cena, Edge, and Randy Orton.

It was the NXT rookies that came down and attacked everyone giving the opportunity for Sheamus to pin Cena. Come on, you didn’t expect Cena to lose fairly now did you?

My take: I saw this as a great chance to get the title of Cena’s waist and give someone else a turn and the WWE seized it and they did it right. Obviously the WWE is heading toward a Cena/Wade Barrett showdown. It was great but obvious booking to have the NXT rookies appear at the very end. All the fans at the Nassau Coliseum knew they would show up eventually and that probably kept the fans on edge. Dangle that over their heads for the entire show and then cost Cena the title. Perfect way to end the show and make for a good Raw tomorrow night.

Alicia Fox captured the WWE Divas Title in the Fatal 4 Way match with Eve, Gail Kim and Maryse tonight.

Quick Hits:

*Evan Bourne defeated Chris Jericho in a match. Good to see that rub Bourne got a few weeks ago from Cena was not for nothing. I just hope he consistently appears on WWE programming and notches big wins.

*Overall, the show wasn’t a total failure. Then again, I went in with horribly low expectations. The NXT angle is unfolding at a nice pace, but it needs to head to that next level starting tomorrow night. Book them in a huge tag team match with Raw stars and take it from there. Also, I’m still very big on the idea of giving them a leader that betrays the WWE.

*As for the two new champions (Sheamus & Rey), not the picture perfect champions. If you look at the glass half full you might say: The title is off a boring Jack Swagger and someone other than Cena has the title.

*If you look at the glass half empty you say: Why does a wannabe Brock Lesnar have the title again and Rey has not been good since his WCW days.

*I agree with those who are looking at the glass half empty. Edge winning on the Raw side of things would have been a better pick. I want to see an Edge/Orton feud for the title while Cena is occupied with NXT. Who does Sheamus really feud with now for the title? Sure he can start something with Edge, but the history between Edge/Orton would have been much more appealing for the title.

*On Smackdown, well, anyone but Rey. I mean even Big Show would have been a better choice. Also, Rey has been hit with many injuries over the last few years.

*On a scale of 1-10 I give Fatal 4 Way a 5.0 – NXT now costing Cena the title is serious heat from the fans. That was the good thing. Title changes can always be exciting, but not when the wrong guys were crowned on the same night.

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