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Money in the Bank might not live up to lofty expectations

It's time for my Sunday column in a blog. I hope you are all enjoy your Fourth of July.

Fans are abuzz about the Money in the Bank pay per view on July 18th. The WWE has turned one of their most popular matches into a full event. It's a great idea on the part of the WWE and I don't think the MITB novelty is being over used as some may state. Some may feel it can lose it's appeal by having the same type of match on one show.

People always flap their gums that the WWE doesn't give the fans what they want. Well, here they're giving the fans two great matches on one PPV. Not to mention John Cena will look to capture the WWE title in a cage match against Sheamus.

There is one problem I see with MITB at the July 18th event. I know, I know. I'm a joy-kill. But, this point is a valid one because I am getting so excited for this PPV that I don't want to be let down if it falls short of my lofty expectations. I just cannot deal with that disappointment.

Think about it folks, the MITB match is one of the most anticipated matches going into Wrestlemania. By the same token, it's often the most ridiculed match after the show. MITB is not a "Tables, Ladders, and Chairs" match. It's also not the same WWE. Remember, this is now a PG program that has put a lot of emphasis on toning down the "big spots."

The WWE is about to throw it's top main event stars from both brands into this PPV in a very dangerous match. WWE officials are not going to be looking for an RKO off the ladder on a table. Especially with the recent string of injuries on both shows, the WWE cannot afford to lose another top star.

Will there be some "OMG" moments in each match? Of course. Just don't look for that one single moment that will be used in highlight reels 10 years from now. Those kinds of bumps are not going to happen in these two matches.

Bring the expectation level down about two notches and you will be in for one great show. Maybe, the best PPV of the year, not counting Wrestlemania.

As for the star power being heavily favored on Raw, what did you expect. That's always the way it is, but the Smackdown match has a lot of potential. Both Christian and Matt Hardy are no strangers to ladders and Kofi Kingston may just steal the whole match. Plus, only six participants have been named. I'm expecting two more names to be added before the show. I prefer six in the match because the ring becomes to cluttered with eight stars and countless ladders.

I'll be back with a full list of my predictions as the show draws near. In the meantime, here's the superstars for the MITB match:

Smackdown: Big Show vs. Christian vs. Matt Hardy vs. Cody Rhodes vs. Kane

Raw: Randy Orton vs. John Morrison vs. R-Truth vs. Evan Bourne vs. Ted DiBiase vs. Chris Jericho vs. Edge vs. the Miz


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