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WWE news & notes and Rikishi’s sons on Raw

I didn’t see much of Raw tonight as I was working in the Newsday newsroom on Memorial Day. I tuned on Raw during the 10 o’clock hour and I saw the best part of Raw: Rikishi’s two sons, Jonathan Solofa and Joshua Sammy (they're indeed twins and the WWE is calling them the Uso's). They appeared on Raw and their manager is Jimmy Snuka's daughter, Tamina.

All three had above average skills on the microphone and cut good promos on the Hart Dynasty. I have all the respect in the world for the Hart Dynasty and I think they have amazing potential, but without any real tag teams to feud with, they’re nothing. But Rikishi’s sons are about to make the tag team division very interesting on Raw. All the stars involved in this potential feud have a great pedigree.

Rikishi may not have had the technical skills in the ring of a Kurt Angle, but he sure knew how to entertain and get the fans on their feet. If Solofa and Sammy can follow in their father’s footsteps, then the WWE has some young stars ready to burst onto the scene.

The other interesting thing on Raw tonight was the injury to Randy Orton. Orton’s shoulder has been a problem as of late and tonight may have been an excuse for the WWE to drop him from the Fatal Four pay per view later this month. I hate to sound like a mother, but it’s better to be safe than sorry. If Orton needs more time to heal, then give it to him.

Seems like Undertaker suffered some serious injuries on Smackdown in his match with Rey Mysterio. We don’t know the extent of those injuries, but his nose was bleeding after a 619 from Rey. No word yet on what the exact condition of the Undertaker. Some internet reports said he suffered orbital damage.

Both Orton and Undertaker are still scheduled for Fatal Four Way. If both men for whatever reason can’t make the pay per view, the people of Long Island will not be happy. These are two of the biggest stars the WWE have to offer and many fans will enter the Nassau Coliseum to see these guys on June 20th.

Did anyone think for a slight second that Jim Ross was going to replace Michael Cole on Raw tonight? After Daniel Bryan threw the Miz like a long dart at Cole I had a feeling he was injured and might have to leave the show. However, Cole was back after the commercial break. Too bad. The cast of the A-Team will host Raw next week. UFC’s Rampage Jackson will be there with the rest of the cast. Will the WWE seize the opportunity to have him tangle with a WWE star in the ring?

Raw next week is shaping up to be a big show. It was announced tonight that it will be a three-hour show with the power of making matches in the hands of the fans. That’s right, the WWE Universe will decide on the matches and stipulations. Fans will have to log on to and vote Monday night. Here’s the best part, both Raw and Smackdown stars will be there. It’s like Cyber Sunday meets a supershow of Raw and Smackdown brand stars. Good idea and a great way to boost traffic for

Lastly, how nice was it to see Vince McMahon back on Raw. His little interaction with Bret Hart was okay, but I will admit, it was nice seeing Vince back. I'm the the only one who felt that way, the fans gave McMahon a very nice pop. Say what you want, but the mere sight of Vince get's people going.


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