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WWE News & Notes: Sting, 2.21.11 video

What a rumor-filled day surrounding the WWE following the 2.21.11 promo showed on Raw last night. Let me try to get you up to speed on what I can.

Sting: Depending on what internet rumor sites you frequent you will get a different answer. Welcome to wrestling rumors on the net! Some are saying Sting has signed a one-year deal with the WWE while others are still reporting he is a free agent. Here’s an interesting one that was in today’s Daily News. On the page where all the box scores appear they usual post wrestling results for Raw and pay per views. Listed under last night’s Raw results was a small story by King Jordan reporting Sting has signed a one-year deal.

I know the Daily News had “The Slammer” for years writing wrestling stories and opinion, but I have never heard of King Jordan. Stay tuned as the rumor mill will continue to turn on this one.

Below is a MAJOR spoiler. Do not read if you wish to be surprised.




The identity of the 2.21.11 hype video looks to be signaling the return of the Undertaker. The arena (The Save Mart Center) that is hosting Raw on that date had a video on the site along with an announcement that Taker was returning. The video has since been pulled from the site and YouTube. However, they are still advertising, in caps and yellow font, that Undertaker is returning.

I do not want to be sitting with Vince McMahon right now.

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