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WWE now has a reason to get rid of the guest host gimmick

Actor Seth Green speaks at the

Actor Seth Green speaks at the "Family Guy" panel discussion at Comic-Con 2009, held at San Diego Convention Center on July 25, 2009 in San Diego. (Getty Images Photo) Credit: Getty Images

Let me preface this blog post by something I saw on the WWE's website: It was a memorable night on June 29, 2009, in San Jose, Calif., when Mr. McMahon dropped one of his signature bombshells on the WWE Universe. The WWE Chairman revealed that a succession of special guest hosts would officially govern Monday Night Raw, rather than a General Manager. Be it celebrity or competitor, everyone and anyone could take Raw's reins.

Remember the bold part as you read the rest of this blog post.

Bret Hart was announced as the new General Manager of Raw tonight. I cannot say that I am shocked as he was one of my “maybe” choices in one of my previous blog post. I’m cool with the decision and it’s great to have Bret on TV every week. It’s insane to think that he was away from the WWE for 13 years, mostly bitter feelings lingered during those years, and now he’s going to appear on the flagship show as GM. It goes to show you that you can never say never in the wrestling business.

Now that Raw has a new GM doesn’t the guest host become totally useless? The guest host gimmick started last June (It’s hard to believe it was almost a year ago). The position was pretty much acting GM for the night of the show. The guest host made matches and in some cases booked a match for themselves (Seth Green, Jeremy Piven, Shaq got involved, etc).

Now with a GM in place, the guest host has no power and serves no purpose other than taking air time away from wrestling and other deserving stars on the roster. The WWE has shown no signs of ending the guest host run which means a guest host and a GM will be taking a lot of camera time away from stars for the foreseeable future.

Let’s break it down: Bret Hart is a big name so as GM he will get at least 2-3 on-air segments each show. The Raw guest host will have at least two segments, one behind the scenes and of course one appearance in the ring in front of the live crowd. That’s 15-20 minutes of talk and no wrestling, maybe more.

It’s time to end the guest host gig unless is serves a greater purpose for celebrities to promote an upcoming movie, TV show or book. There's just no need to have a guest host if we have a GM. Even the WWE thinks so (this is the part where you remember the bold text at the top of this post).

I guess we owe Bret Hart a big thank you for making the guest hosting gig obsolete.

Quick Hits:

*I was very shocked to see both Kofi Kingston and R-Truth holding titles. I’ve read that the WWE is looking to push a prominent back star to the top of its roster. I’m a fan of Kingston and think he would be a great fit as of right now. He seems to have a good head on his shoulders and he appeals to the younger audience.

*It seems like tonight was Batista’s last night with the WWE. I don’t think Batista has wrestled his last match with the WWE. Batista is probably going to take an extended break similar to Chris Jericho and Big Show.

*I did not see Over the Limit but I was very shocked about Kofi as I stated before. The big news coming out of the show was the separated shoulder that Randy Orton suffered from his match with Edge. Orton has a history of shoulder problems but seems to be okay as he will be in the main event at the Fatal Four way pay per view which will be held at the Nassau Coliseum in June.

*If you care, I was 4-3-1 in my Over the Limit predictions. I was shocked to see R-Truth beat Ted DiBiase and the Kingston win was a shocker. The Edge/Orton match never finished due to the injury sustained by Orton.

*Speaking of guest host, it was announce tonight that the June 7th Raw will be hosted by UFC’s Rampage Jackson. Very interesting to see a UFC fella on Raw. Will he mix it up in the ring with some “wrestlers?” I’m sure Dana White would just love that.

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