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WWE Raw after-party and why Daniel Bryan's release will benefit him

One week after the NXT rookies rocked Raw to its foundation they followed it up with another solid ending. It was apparent that last week’s Raw couldn’t be topped, and the WWE writers knew that. That’s why this week was a great follow-up to last week.

The key was to keep the angle going leaving the fans wanting more. Keep the fans on their seat. Keep the fans with more questions than answers. It seems the NXT angle will make its way to the lack-luster Fatal Four Way pay per view on Long Island. So far only a few matches have been made for the PPV. Hopefully the NXT stars can give the PPV a little boost.

The ending of Raw so the newly fired NXT rookies taking their frustration out on Bret Hart after he fired all of them earlier in the night. Good to see the NXT rookies outsmart the WWE barrier set around the arena to protect the main event of the show. So far, this angle has been all good. Whether they get contracts this Sunday at Fatal Four Way reminds unknown.

There is still concern if Daniel Bryan’s release will hurt the NXT rookies down the road. The jury is still out on that. However, his release will work in Daniel Bryan’s favor. That’s right I said it, his release will benefit his career in the long run.

I compare this to the near perfect game Armando Galarraga of the Detroit Tigers pitched a few weeks ago. Think about it, this guy has become a bigger name in losing the perfect game on a blown call by umpire Jim Joyce. People forget perfect game winners over time. Dallas Braden anyone?

After Bryan’s release, fans and people within the WWE have expressed how bad they feel. It’s not fair and the guy was on a tremendous path to become a great star. Fans are seeking out information on Bryan after his release because it’s such an odd situation over his firing. Fans are doing more to find out about Bryan now than ever before.

There is no doubt he will rejoin the WWE by the end of this year. Not only will he come back, but the WWE will push him on the fast track for two reasons. One: He has a lot of talent and he’s over with the fans, especially after his release. Two: The WWE will push this kid because they feel very bad for what happened and this will be their way of apologizing to him.

In the end he will benefit from this. I realize being a part of this exciting angle with NXT has hurt him in the immediate future. But, in the long run he will benefit not being lumped in with the other seven guys. Bryan will make a huge impact as a solo star upon his return to the company. The fans want him back and so does the WWE. It will all work out in the end.

Besides, many stars in wrestling have become even bigger stars after being fired. Look no further than Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Quick hits:

*Going into Raw tonight only two matches were scheduled for Fatal Four. Tonight it was announced R-Truth will face the Miz for the US Title after the Miz won the title tonight. A Diva’s match was also added to the card. Smackdown will likely add a match or two this Friday.

*The planning of the mid-card for this PPV has been very poor, obviously. No love for the tag team title at all and the disparity between the main event scene and mid card is maybe at an all time best in the WWE.

*Randy Orton barely took part in the main event, which is understandable as the WWE is protecting his shoulder going into the PPV. It was just weird that Orton had no tape on his wrist or elbow pads on.

*Absolutely loved the brawl between the Raw stars and NXT guys. Nothing compares to a good ole’ fashioned brawl with tons of guys in the ring. I’m sure we’ll see more of that going forward in this invasion angle.


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