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WWE Raw Reax: Cena will face The Rock next year

The WWE Universe will finally get the dream match they had hoped for: The Rock vs. John Cena. The Attitude Era vs. the PG Era.

It will happen April 1, 2012 at Wrestlemania 28 in Miami, Florida.

You read it right, The Rock and Cena will have their historic one-on-one match next year at ‘Mania in the Rock’s hometown. Never has a match been booked almost a year in advance. It’s unprecedented, bold and comes with a ton of questions.

My main concern is how does Cena go about his business from week-to-week with this black cloud looming over his head? How involved will The Rock be in the WWE from now until Wrestlemania 28? When does the WWE pull Cena from feuding with other stars and say ‘The Rock is here. Now go and make history.’? Will he restart his feud with Rocky before the Royal Rumble? I mean, if Cena has his Wrestlemania opponent already, why enter the Rumble and vie for a title shot at Wrestlemania? Better yet, what if Cena has the title going into Wrestlemania? Does that make this a title match?

I can go all day with these questions. You see my point, tough. None of these questions will be answered right away. I’m not all concerned that fans will lose interest that this match is a year away. The Rock is making his in-ring return for the first time in eight years. People will be hyped up for this no matter what.

Since Miami is The Rock’s hometown you know the heel heat will be even greater for Cena. Does the WWE just flip the switch and turn Cena heel right before the showdown?

BTW, this is by no means as big as The Rock vs. Hulk Hogan from Wrestlemania 18. So let’s just put that issue to bed right now although, this is a complete role reversal for The Rock. He now becomes what Hogan was in their match at Wrestlemania 18.

As for the rest of Raw…

-Triple H hinted that he will be waiting for The Undertaker to return for a rematch. One can assume that neither man is retiring, but I think it’s a long time before we see The Undertaker back in the ring. Triple H likes working behind the scenes and it may be a while before we see him back as well.

-It was great seeing Stone Cold Steve Austin. He brought out the cast of “Tough Enough.” I loved the chants of “stun them all.” The Miz and Alex Riley interrupted Austin. The Miz did enough trash talking to tick of Austin, but it was Riley who paid for it. I know the Riley-Austin showdown was brief, but Stone Cold looks as if he can still have one more match.

-Raw opened with Jerry Lawler and Jim Ross calling the show and it certainly felt like old times, but it didn't last for long. I’m officially sick of this feud, but it was hilarious watching Michael Cole squirt BBQ sauce all over him.

-Sin Cara made a strong debut delivering a huge cross body off the top rope onto Sheamus. He looks like an exciting high flyer and the fans were into him.  

-The confrontation between The Rock and Cena last night was everything we should have seen at Wrestlemania. Both men delivered strong promos and a lot of emotions. That was the “moment” that could have capped Wrestlemania.

-There was no reason for The Corre to interfere and attack The Rock and Cena. How am I supposed to believe that The Corre are going to dominate these two titans, but lose to Kane, Big Show, Santino and Kozlov at Wrestlemania in a two-minute match. I don’t know what The Corre did to make the higher powers of the WWE mad, but they have gotten no respect lately.


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