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WWE releases the first 21 names in the Royal Rumble released more than half of the 40 names in this year’s Royal Rumble. This comes a day after the WWE announced the match will not feature the usual 30 participants like it has since its inception.

Here are the names and in parentheses is the number of Royal Rumble matches each star has appeared in. Mark Henry has the most experience so far appearing in 6 Rumble matches. John Cena and Rey Mysterio are the only former winners in the match as of now.

Alberto Del Rio (0)
CM Punk (4)
Cody Rhodes (3)
Daniel Bryan (0)
Darren Young (0)
David Hart Smith (0)
David Otunga (0)
Husky Harris (0)
John Cena (5 -- won in 2008)
John Morrison (5)
Mark Henry (6)
Michael McGillicutty (0)
Primo (0)
R-Truth (3)
Rey Mysterio (4 -- won in 2006)
Sheamus (0)
Ted DiBiase (2)
Tyson Kidd (0)
William Regal (2)
Zack Ryder (1)
Yoshi Tatsu (1)

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