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WWE Royal Rumble will feature 40 wrestlers this year

The WWE is expanding the Royal Rumble from 30 participants to 40, according to the WWE. Click here to read the official announcement

WWE's Joey Styles broke the news earlier day via Twitter saying, "This year, there will be 40 participants in the Royal Rumble Match instead of 30. It will be the biggest Royal Rumble Match in history!”

It’s not yet known if this increase will be just for the 2011 Royal Rumble or a rule going forward. I’m a little shocked that the number has grown by 10 only because guys like Shawn Michaels, Chris Jericho, Batista, Matt Hardy, and Undertaker will not be apart of the match this year. All these stars were in the match in 2010.

Don't forget that guys like the Miz, Randy Orton, Dolph Ziggler, and Edge are all involved in the title matches and will not see action in the Royal Rumble match. Or will they to fill out the extra 10 spots?

Joey Styles is right: It will be the biggest Rumble in history because of the sheer size of the match. But the star power is seriously lacking which means a lot of mid to lower card guys will be filling the spots. It might shape out to me a really watered down Royal Rumble match. 

The Royal Rumble airs January 30th on pay per view. The winner of the Rumble match gets a title shot at the main event of Wrestlemania in April. 

The other shocking news out of this: Joey Styles still works for the WWE!!!!????

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