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WWE's Cena comments on Rock, Undertaker and Snooki

WWE superstar John Cena met with young fans

WWE superstar John Cena met with young fans at Madison Square Garden as part of "The Garden of Dreams Foundation." (March 18, 2011) Credit: Newsday/Anthony Castellano

John Cena has one simple message for The Rock.

“I think we’re on to a point if this continues, something physical is going to happen,” Cena told Newsday on Friday at Madison Square Garden (Click here for photos)

“The fact that he tried to pick a fight with the toughest guy in the place, that’s kind of his style. But you know me, I don’t back down from anyone. I think it’s going to make some good television,” said the former WWE champion.

It has made for some great television even though the two wrestling titans have not appeared live in the ring yet. The WWE is waiting for Wrestlemania when Cena faces the WWE Champion The Miz. The Rock is scheduled to host, but everyone is expecting a throwdown between Cena and Rock.

“He’s supposed to host. That’s all I know. When he came back on that first night he said he was back for good,” said Cena. “I can only hope that’s the truth because I would certainly like to have many, many matches with him.”

The Rock has stated in interviews that he would not step back into the ring. Some fans have speculated that the Rock might have the seven-year itch and could potentially lace up the boots in the future.

Fan reaction to the feud has been so immense that many former wrestling fans have been drawn back to watching “Monday Night Raw.” While Cena’s bread and butter are the young fans and females, The Rock has the older generation that rooted for him in the late 1990s and early 2000s, known as the “Attitude Era.”

Cena has risen to the occasion and dipped into his bag of tricks to combat The Rock’s onslaught on the microphone. Cena went a little old school and did a rap on The Rock. It’s something Cena hasn’t done since his rookie days.

“Rock had come back for the first time in about seven years and did his shtick. I was thinking how to do something different and they [the fans] hadn’t seen that in about five years so I thought it would be real nostalgic and different. But I think we’re past that now.”

Cena says his focus is primarily on facing The Miz, who has done a great job of not playing the third wheel. Cena admitted that The Miz was on the back burner after The Rock first returned to the WWE.

“He proved in the last few weeks that he is the champ," Cena said. "He needs to be respected as such."

The Miz has gotten the best of Cena the last two weeks on "Raw," all while having time to dress up as The Rock.

Cena was at Madison Square Garden as part of “The Garden of Dreams Foundation” where he met with a group of young kids and presented them with shirts and tickets for Saturday night’s WWE house show.

“To be able to run an event like this at a venue like this, in Madison Square Garden, so close to Wrestlemania is truly the last launching pad onto the dance in Atlanta on April 3,” Cena said.

As for the rest of the Wrestlemania card, Cena is most looking forward to Triple H and Undertaker in the No Holds Barred Match. As for possibly facing the Undertaker at a future Wrestlemania?

“Nooooo,” Cena said, very adamantly shaking his head. “He just doesn’t lose. That’s not a profitable night for anyone.”

Cena also thinks that “Jersey Shore” star Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi is a great addition to Wrestlemania because celebrities are very much a part of the event. Many hardcore wrestling fans might not agree, but she is getting the WWE a huge amount of publicity. Apparently, Cena and Snooki started a dialogue on Twitter a while back and that’s how Snooki arrived on Raw last week.

“If there’s blame to be given,  that’s fine. I’m glad she made it,” said Cena. “'Jersey Shore' is very much like John Cena. You either love it or you hate it."

This is the first time I have had the opportunity to interview Cena in person. Click here to read my phone interview with him from last June. 

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