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WWE’s Vigilante Sting says he will ‘take Triple H down’ at WrestleMania XXXI

The Vigilante Sting, shown here in a WCW

The Vigilante Sting, shown here in a WCW promotional photo, said he would "take Triple H down" at WrestleMania XXXI during the opening segment of "Monday Night Raw." Credit: WCW

The Vigilante Sting opened up “Monday Night Raw” for the first time and said he will “take Triple H down” Sunday at WrestleMania XXXI in Santa Clara, California.

Sting, 56, avoided WWE after WCW went out of business in 2001, choosing instead to work on and off for TNA Wrestling from 2003 to 2014. Monday ,Sting said in that time he watched Triple H gain his status in the company using “manipulation, backstabbing, undermining [tactics].”

His comments were quickly interrupted by Stephanie McMahon coming to the ring. She mockingly congratulated Sting for finally making it to the big time, then minimized his loyalty to WCW during the famed “Monday Night War.”

“Dogs are kind of loyal, too,” McMahon said. “…At the end of the day dogs are kind of stupid, and I would compare you to a dog, Sting, but I don’t want to insult dogs.”

The back-and-forth eventually devolved into McMahon trying to slap Sting, with him catching her hand. Triple H’s music then played, and he walked to the ring while taking off his tie.

When he reached his wife he took off his suit jacket and rolled up his sleeves. He was about to head into the ring when McMahon pulled out Triple H’s infamous sledgehammer from under the ring and handed it to him.

But Sting was ready, pulling out his black baseball bat from his ring coat and begging Triple H to come into the ring.

Triple H feigned charging into the ring several times, but decided to wait until Sunday, even when Sting dropped his bat to try to coax his opponent.

Raw play-by-play announcer Michael Cole noted that Monday marked the 14-year anniversary of WCW being purchased by WWE.

Monday’s Raw episode from the Staples Center in Los Angeles also featured Snoop Dogg and ESPN’s Bill Simmons as special guests hosts. Snoop ended up teaming with Hulk Hogan to beat down Curtis Axel and his "AxelMania" gimmick. Snoop threw Axel over the top rope, then took off his shirt to reveal a Hulkamania T-shirt. 

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