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WWE should make a run at Kimbo Slice

Kimbo Slice, right, throws a punch at James

Kimbo Slice, right, throws a punch at James Thompson of Manchester, England during the second round of their EliteXC heavyweight mixed-martial arts bout at the Prudential Center in Newark, N.J. (May 31, 2008) Photo Credit: AP

With the UFC cutting their ties to Kimbo Slice, the first thing I thought of was Slice making an appearance on Raw as a guest host. Have him mix it up with a John Cena-type guy on that night and before you know it, Kimbo Slice is a WWE employee.

To sum it up, the WWE should sign Kimbo Slice to a contract. Why? My answer is why not? The guy is a well known fighter in the business that even fair-weather fans recognize. He has a huge following on the web, which are mostly males ranging from 18-35. That’s the prime audience for a lot of the WWE fans. I don’t have to tell you that the hardcore fans are the marks on the web.

Bottom line, Slice is a draw and UFC fans might give him a look if he jumps ship to the WWE. I doubt the UFC fans will stay around for a long time, but he will give the WWE a nice splash.

Slice would bring some star power which is always a plus. Ken Shamrock was the last UFC fighter that came to the WWE. Shamrock was good and he had his moments, but never truly made it big in the WWE. Slice has personality that fits in with the WWE. Shamrock had no charisma or mic skills.

The money the WWE could offer him is probably better than what he was receiving in UFC and better than what he can get in Strikeforce. It’s also a known fact that Vince McMahon loves big guys in the center of his ring.

There are some downsides to this. Is Slice going to cut it in the ring as a wrestler? We have no answer to that until we see him in the ring. If The Great Khali and Mark Henry are allowed in a wrestling ring, then Kimbo Slice can do the same.

Just because the WWE can throw moneybags at him doesn’t mean he will sign for sure. Slice may want no association with the WWE or their grueling travel schedule. The main reason why Bobby Lashley walked away from the WWE was because of the 250+ days on the road. Brock Lesnar walked away from a huge contract that was rumored to be almost $10 million because of the traveling.

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