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WWE takes a major hit in quarterly earnings

Usually in this blog I stick to wrestling news and analysis on what happens in the ring. There is one piece of news that has to do with the WWE’s second quarter earnings that I thought you would be interested in.

It seems the WWE took a pretty big hit in the second quarter with pay per view sales. Just to show you how bad it really was consider this, last year in the same quarter, the PPV revenue was $35.6M. This year it was just over $10M. Here is how the PPV’s broke down in terms of buys from 2009 to 2010.

Wrestlemania is not used in these numbers because it took place in the first quarter of this year and not the second.

Extreme Rules (April): 182,000 buys compared to 182,000 buys for Backlash 2009 following WrestleMania.

Over the Limit (May): 197,000 buys compared to 228,000 buys for Judgment Day 2009.

Fatal Four-Way (June): 143,000 buys compared to 178,000 buys for The Bash 2009. Just a note, Fatal Four-Way took place at the Nassau Coliseum.

Even if Wrestlemania didn’t give the WWE that much needed boost in the second quarter, those three PPV’s did poorly compared to their predecessors.

Vince McMahon said some of the contributing factors for the low numbers were because the roster has never been hit so hard with injuries. McMahon noted the retirement of Shawn Michaels and the “unexpected” departure of Batista along with injuries to Triple H and Undertaker.

Also, the WWE will go to cable systems at the start of 2011 and give presentations on a WWE network. Vince wants to follow in the footsteps of the MLB model, which had the best launching of all the other sports networks.

Overall, the rest of the company is not looking too bad. The WWE’s net income for the second quarter in 2010 is only off by less than $1M from 2009.

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