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WWE WrestleMania XXIX press conference merges storylines, real life

A banner at Radio City Music Hall promotes

A banner at Radio City Music Hall promotes Sunday's WrestleMania main event pitting John Cena vs. The Rock. (April 4, 2013) Credit: Josh Stewart

WWE Champion Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and his WrestleMania XXIX opponent, John Cena, met at a Radio City Music Hall press conference Thursday, just three days before they will face off for the title at MetLife Stadium.

Real-life overtones are all over this main event, as well as the matchup between CM Punk and the Undertaker.

Cena has been critical of The Rock in the past for leaving WWE to engage in a movie career.

The Rock said that with as many movie roles as he enjoyed, nothing compared "to kicking John Cena's candy -- --.

And the Undertaker-CM Punk feud has been one of the edgiest since the "Attitude Era" of the 1990s, with Punk using the real-life death of Undertaker's former manager, William Moody (WWE's Paul Bearer) as part of the storyline. On Thursday, Punk stayed away from that verbal barrage at Undertaker, who was not in attendance. 

But the event wasn't without WWE's standard slapstick, as announcer Michael Cole's press conference opening was interrupted by Fandango -- billed as a ballroom vet turned wrestler -- dancing down the aisle with a partner.

WWE Superstar/Executive Triple H (real name Paul Levesque) shared a funny moment with his wife, Stephanie McMahon-Levesque. He came out and quickly shed his tie while talking about how he would dismantle Brock Lesnar on Sunday. His wife came out and joked that he had to take care of the business stuff before he could discuss combat.

She did offer to bring Fandango back out so Triple H could slap him around.

He chose to wait for Lesnar.

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