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Diego Maradona: I'll publicly get naked if Argentina wins World Cup

Argentinian coach Diego Maradona has promised that if his country is crowned World Cup champion, he will flash the entire city.

"If we win the World Cup, I will stand naked at the Obelisk," referring to the Washington-style monument in the heart of Buenos Aires.

I, for one, have a new second-favorite team in the World Cup.

Maradona also said the media and fans are placing too much pressure on Messi, to the point where he said that, "he is not feeling comfortable."

As a player, Maradona was known for being extroverted. Here are some of his other famous quotes.

"My legitimate kids are Dalma and Giannina. The rest are a product of my money and mistakes."

"I was waiting for my teammates to embrace me and no one came, ... I told them, 'Come hug me or the referee isn't going to allow it.'"

"I did it with the hand of reason." Diego Maradona, after smashing a photographers car.

"The goal was scored a little by the hand of god, a little by the head of Maradona."

"It was like pick-pocketing the English and stealing a win."
-- Maradona, some years later, on the Hand of God goal.

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