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It's Goodluck for Nigerian soccer

Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan has rescinded a decision to withdraw the nation's soccer teams from international competition after FIFA, the sport's ruling body, said government interference could result in the country's soccer federation being suspended.

Jonathan took the decision after the national team was knocked out of the World Cup in the first round.

"The ban has just been lifted by the president," Ademola Olajire, spokesman for the Nigeria Football Federation, said in an interview. The board of the federation "meets tomorrow, by which time there will be further comments."

Jonathan changed his mind following "appeals of well-meaning Nigerians, including former leaders," his spokesman Ima Niboro said.

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The Uruguayan linesman who failed to see that a shot from England midfielder Frank Lampard crossed the goal line against Germany at the World Cup has described the error as "unfortunate."

Mauricio Espinosa was quoted in the Uruguayan newspaper El Pais that "it was unfortunate, a very fast ball that we couldn't see as it went into the goal despite my positioning being correct." - AP

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