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Poolball combines pool, soccer, beer, awesomeness

Budweiser's poolball

Budweiser's poolball Credit: Anheuser-Busch

What do pool, soccer and beer have in common? Poolball, duh.

Ok, it’s not obvious, but here’s hoping that Budweiser’s new ad campaign featuring grown men standing atop a huge custom pool table and kicking soccer balls into pockets makes its way into local bars.

Based on  the video below, it looks simple – two teams, large table, normal pool rules, normal sized colored soccer balls, no hands, and a constant flow of beer.

Unfortunately, poolball doesn’t actually exits beyond the realm of ad land. Budweiser teamed up with marketing company Ogilvy & Mather to promote the beer company’s annual soccer tournament, the “Bud Cup 6v6,” being held in southern California, Arizona, and Las Vegas.

But don’t fret all you would-be poolballers, there must be at least one crazy barkeeper in the area that will dedicate money and bar space in the name of such an arena.

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