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Report: Spain's starting XI is most expensive

Andres Iniesta, right, celebrates after scoring in extra

Andres Iniesta, right, celebrates after scoring in extra time to lift Barcelona into the Champions League finals against Manchester United. Credit: AP

Congratulations Spain, you're the Yankees. No pressure ...

Frontier Economics, one of Europe's prominent consulting firms, has released a report of the most valuable World Cup teams and Spain leads the way. The report compared the projected starting lineups of the 10 most heavily favored teams in the tournament. The report analyzed "statistical techniques and data on past transfers" to come up with value for each team.

Spain was bolstered by the expensive price tags of Andres Iniesta (pictured) and Fernando Torres, who were projected to require transfer fees of 44 euros and 43 euros, respectively.

Second-place Argentina's value was inflated, of course, by Lionel Messi, who was projected to have a transfer value of 140 euros. Yikes. Cristiano Ronaldo (95 euros) of Portugal also accounted for nearly half his team's value.

Here's the full list (estimated value in euros): 

1) Spain (303) - $381M

2) Argentina (293) - $368M

3) England (266) - $334M

4) Brazil (223) - $280M

5) Portugal (201) - $253M

6) France (180) - $226M

7) Germany (156) - $196M

8) Netherlands (156) - $196M

9) Ivory Coast (130) - $163M

10) Italy (127) - $160M

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