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The Newsday sports trivia quiz for July 13: Second basemen

Yankees second baseman Robinson Cano avoids Mets leftfielder

Yankees second baseman Robinson Cano avoids Mets leftfielder Jason Bay and turns a double play to end the top of the seventh inning at Yankee Stadium on June 20, 2010. Credit: NEWSDAY/Christopher Pasatieri

A second base-themed edition of our daily sports trivia quiz.


Robinson Cano finished in the top six in AL MVP voting five years in a row in the early 2010s; what was his highest finish?


What Yankees second baseman was famous for a severe case of the throwing “yips”?


Which of these New York second basemen grew up in Brooklyn?


Jackie Robinson’s primary position as a Dodger was second base, but what was his position as a rookie in 1947?


Steve Sax played three seasons at second base with the Yankees from 1989-91, but he was better known for an earlier stint with what National League team?


What former Mets second baseman won a National League MVP Award in 2000 as a Giant?


What spot in the “Murderers’ Row” 1927 Yankees batting order usually was occupied by second baseman Tony Lazzeri?


Approximately what is the distance in feet between second base and home plate?


Hall of Fame second baseman Ryne Sandberg played 2,151 games with the Cubs and 13 with what other NL team?


What Yankee ranks fifth all-time in career fielding percentage for MLB second basemen at .9912?