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As if the rivalry between the Yankees and the Mets needed any more fire,

Roger Clemens provided enough for years to come. Clemens hit Mike Piazza in the

head with a fastball last night at Yankee Stadium, sending the All-Star to the

hospital with a concussion and the Mets into a frenzy of accusation.

There was no doubt that Clemens hit Piazza on purpose, Mets manager Bobby

Valentine said angrily after the game, and there was no way the Mets were going

to remember much else that happened during the historic interborough day-night

doubleheader, which the Yankees swept, winning each game by a 4-2 score.

Chuck Knoblauch's three-run home run off leftfielder Lenny Harris' glove in

the fifth inning gave the Yankees the runs they would need to win their fifth

straight game overall. Mariano Rivera pitched a scoreless ninth to preserve the

Yankees' fourth victory in five games against the Mets this year.

But Valentine and Piazza and the rest of the Mets will remember only The


"I think it was BS," Valentine said. "I think it was terrible. I hope

someday, Clemens will pitch in a National League park and we're playing against


Clemens said: "I didn't hit Mike on purpose. I was going to pitch him

inside. That was my game plan going in. I don't know that I've pitched inside

as much as I need to this year."

The pitch in question was an 0-and-1 fastball to Piazza as he led off the

second inning. Piazza had called time at the last instant before the first

pitch, which Clemens threw for a strike. The second pitch was nowhere close to

the strike zone, but high and inside instead.

Piazza threw his left hand up to protect his face but the ball struck his

helmet right above the bill, sending him sprawling. Piazza never appeared to

lose consciousness, but he remained on the ground for a few minutes as he was

tended to by trainers.

Piazza was assisted off the field, examined by doctors at the Stadium and

eventually taken to the Hospital for Special Surgery, where the diagnosis of a

concussion was confirmed. It did not escape the Mets' notice that Clemens'

second pitch of the game nearly hit Harris in the head, or that Clemens nearly

hit Derek Bell in the chest in the fifth inning.

Glendon Rusch (6-7) retaliated against the Yankees by hitting Tino Martinez

in the rear end as he led off the fourth. Home-plate umpire Doug Eddings

warned both teams, drawing an argument from Valentine.

"He threw at Lenny Harris' head," Valentine said. "He threw at Derek's head

and he hit Mike in the head. It seemed like three-for-one to me. We throw

inside and get a warning."

Valentine thought Clemens' beaning of Piazza was obvious and deserved swift


Piazza entered the game 7-for-12 in his career against Clemens with three

home runs, all three homers in his past seven at-bats against him. Clemens

(6-6) entered 1-4 with a 9.10 ERA in five starts against the Mets.

"We've had him for lunch every time we've played him," Valentine said.

"The first hitter, he throws at his head. The second hitter, he throws at

his head. The third hitter, he hits him in the head. I guess he was just a

little off today. I think brushback pitches are great. I didn't see that with

Lenny. I didn't see that with Derek. I didn't see that with Mike."

Clemens said the Mets simply saw him executing his game plan. "I can't

afford to miss out over [the plate]," Clemens said. "It's obvious I can't miss

out over with anything off-speed."

"I've seen him hit guys in the head," Valentine said. "I've seen him hit

Roberto Alomar in the head when he tried to bunt on him once and that was in an

American League park, too. The guy's going to the Hall of Fame. He doesn't

have that kind of bad control."

Clemens said: "I know I've been accused of it, but I don't think I've hit

that many guys." That didn't matter last night because Clemens hit Piazza, the

Mets' best player and their best hope of beating him. Even Clemens recognized

that point.

"Mike has always hit me well," Clemens said. "That wasn't the way I wanted

to get him out."

Clemens went so far as to claim he was "shaken up when the ball hit him in

the head...You don't want to hit a guy in the head."

Clemens said he was so shaken that he went to the Yankees' clubhouse after

the second inning and called the Mets' clubhouse to check on Piazza's

condition. Doctors were still examining Piazza, Clemens said, adding, "I'm glad

to know he's all right."

But Piazza was not all right. He had suffered another concussion, his

fourth since joining the Mets in May, 1998, and his second since May 31, when

Gary Sheffield hit him in the head with the follow-through of his swing in Los

Angeles. That produced a gruesome sight, with blood gushing from Piazza's head.

Last night's sight was scarier and made the Mets far angrier.




MINUS: On Chuck Knoblauch's three-run home run in the fifth, Mets leftfielder

Lenny Harris reached up at the wall and got a piece of the ball, but couldn't

bring it back in play.

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