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Isner-Mahut, Part Deuce: First to 70 wins?

WIMBLEDON, England -- Anyone at Wimbledon a year ago, it seems, remembers bits and pieces of the longest match in tennis history, the 11-hour, 5-minute marathon between John Isner and Nicolas Mahut. It stretched over three days before Isner won, 70-68, in the fifth set.

Get ready for the rematch, scheduled to begin Tuesday at the All England Club. Fittingly, perhaps, Isner-Mahut II might not finish Tuesday. That's because theirs is the fourth match on tap for Court 3 -- and the forecast calls for rain.

Court 3 holds 1,980 spectators, about 1,200 more than tiny Court 18, which now bears a plaque noting it was the site of the 2010 original Isner-Mahut.

Their rematch has been the talk of the tennis world.

Said Serena Williams: "I thought, 'Oh, this is a joke.' And I thought, 'Well, is it really real? Is it really true?' "

Rafael Nadal said that when he heard the news, he felt "sorry for them." Andy Murray, asked what he recalls from the original Isner-Mahut match, said: "Like, you'd go and practice and then you'd come back, and you'd be like, 'Oh, it's still going.' Then you'd go, like, for lunch, come back, it's, like, 34-all. It's just weird." -- AP

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