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John Jeansonne's aces and faults

By John Jeansonne

ACE Blake Strode, above, the all-American from the University of Arkansas who won the first U.S. Open national playoffs for a spot in the qualifying tournament, has deferred Harvard Law to pursue his tennis career. Nice to have such options.

FAULT John McEnroe, asked about all the coaching changes with top players recently, called coaches "overrated. These guys don't need them. Look at Federer. He could play with a dog coaching him and win majors."

ACE Patrick McEnroe, above, following his brother's point by noting that Roger Federer has hired Paul Annacone on a temporary basis, "Why pay these . . . [coaches] all this money when you can bring them in a week or two, pick their brain, and send them on their way?"

FAULT Microphones in the players' friends boxes this year. This can't produce much more than a few "Yippees!" and "Arghs!"

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