Before coming to the U.S Open today, I felt the need to read Jim Baumbach's story about being a ball person. Let's face it, at one time or another we've all wanted to try and be a ball person. After all, it's easy, right?

Like many, I thought it was an easy job. Fetch a ball after it hits the net and run to the other side of the court. After spending many hours at the Open today I have a new found respect for the many ball boys and girls who do this job.

Consider these tidbits if you think you can do the job:

-You must be quick and hustle after every ball.

-Stand in the heat and don't forget, it's always hotter on the court.


-You cannot become a distraction to the players which basically means you can't fall flat on your face or even stumble in retrieving a ball.

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-You have to coordinate with the other ball boy/girl on who goes after the ball. Communication is key, yet these guys and gals say little, if not nothing to each other.

-You cannot loose concentration for a single moment. So, if your a daydreamer, you're not going to last. 

-Lastly, and this is the big one, you have to handle towels after a player wipes their sweaty head.