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Andy Roddick's mano-a-mono battle

When he began feeling sluggish during Wimbledon this summer, Andy Roddick started to question what was going on. He's a workout warrior, so, it didn't make sense that he would be out of shape or have trouble finding the energy to train.

A more thorough checkup revealed that he was battling a case of mononucleosis, and he's spent the past two months trying to get past it. His latest tournament in Cincinnati provided a good indication that he is almost back to 100 percent in time for the U.S. Open.

"I'm close, really close," Roddick said today."If you would have given me five good matches and two top-five wins going into Cincinnati, I would have been ecstatic. I hadn't been playing well. I had been struggling physically. Everything was a little bit of a question mark.

"To be a couple of points away from a final is something I didn't [expect]. I think that week was extremely necessary as far as preparation and confidence coming into this tournament."

Of course, Roddick's 2003 U.S. Open win not only is the only Grand Slam title in his career but also makes him the last American man to win a Grand Slam tournament. His 28th birthday is coming up Monday, so, time might be starting to run out on the prime of his career.

"Birthday or no birthday, you come in to try to win one," Roddick said. "I don't think too much about age, number, whatever. I'll play until I feel like I shouldn't anymore. But you know, the urgency is always there."

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