On challenging a top-ranked player:

"I'd like another crack at a top-5 player, top-10 player in a slam. I've beaten a couple of them in slams, but never deep into a tournament. Getting yourself into winning maybe another match and getting myself into the situation of player a Djokovic or a Davydenko or one of these guys that has been there quite a few times. To put myself in a position to play them, I certainly feel like I can hang with them." 

On playing Pablo Cuevas:

"I never played him, practiced with him, played him in doubles, none of that, or seen him play that much ... I was sort of surprised at how aggressive he was playing ... I kind of fought hard to stay just a break down, to be honest, in that first set. I figured that hopefully I could weather this as long as I can, and eventually, you know, he'll maybe come down to earth a little bit ... He gave me a few points there in that 5-4 game and the 6-5 game to allow me to win that first set, which was huge, because the weather, it was pretty hot."

On his conditioning in this type of heat:

"My legs won me a few points in the end of that first set. Physically I felt great throughout the match, and I knew he was sort of struggling there a little bit. I could tell."

On gaining attention and confidence:

"There's a lot of people that have talked about my summer and how well I've played. To be honest, I felt like I've been the underdog most matches in my career. This is the spot that I want to be in. You want to be the favorite and winning a lot, so I think my summer [has] changed a lot of that ... The start of Newport, I feel like that was the beginning of maybe a 12-month run that I can try to get myself into the top 10."

On lessons learned after 10 years of competition:

"[In] 2004 after the Olympics, people talked a lot there. I didn't handle it well. I learned from it, obviously. I've learned from even my first-round match here to just be a little more loose, have a little more fun and enjoy the spot that you're in."

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