At 1:40 p.m. the mercury has risen to 94 degrees. With humidity, it feels like a surface-of-the-sun worthy 97 and the rumors circulating Arthur Ashe Stadium indicate it is 106 on the court.

Being that this is a tennis facility (duh) there is very little in the way of shade in the stadium and around the grounds. Trees are small, and from what one security guard told me, swimming in the fountains is discouraged. However, there are places that spectators can go to get out of the sun for a while.

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Since the sun has gone past its peak point in the sky, the east side of Arthur Ashe is mostly in the shade. There are trees and tables set up for spectators to kick back and enjoy a drink. A less crowded and slightly more secluded is the area around the Moon 'n" Doggie all natural shrimp dog with slaw stand. Now, I'm not really sure what a shrimp dog is and I'm not sure it's something I want to be eating in hot weather, but they've got a pretty sweet setup back there with plenty of shade and chairs.

Esteemed Newsday writer John Jeansonne tells me that if you want to go watch some tennis and score a sweet breeze, check out the north side of the Louis Armstrong court. People hang out under that scoreboard all day because the court creates a windtunnel effect even when the air is completely stagnant. Like today.