Roger Federer is a very popular man.

So popular, in fact, that fans will wait at the wrong exit in the hopes of getting his autograph.

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Shortly after Federer's 6-1, 6-2, 6-2 first-round win over Leonardo Mayer on Tuesday at the U.S. Open, a huge crowd gathered outside of the Arthur Ashe Stadium media exit, seeking the Switzerland native's autograph.

The only problem? Federer wasn't yet ready to leave. He still had his post-match press conference to do, and even then, he likely wouldn't be leaving the building via the main media entrance.

An usher standing at the front of the crowd said that "three kids started it" by waiting outside the media entrance. From there, it snowballed.

Another usher then came out and broke the news to the crowd, mentioning that Federer's publicist told him that he wouldn't be leaving through that exit. The crowd dejectedly dispersed, presumably heading to their next autograph opportunity.