Lost at the U.S. Open? There's an app for that.

Have an iPhone? Cool, me too. Instead of shelling out $20 for a program or a draw sheet, download the official 2010 U.S. Open iPhone app. It includes up to the minute scores, videos news and photos. There are bios for each player, a map of the grounds (which comes in handy when you're lost because this place is ginormous), where to eat, where to sit, and places to go for ground and public transportation.

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The super bonus of it all? It's freakin free.

You can also follow Tweeters from the U.S. Open, and listen to live radio of any match going on at any time.  There's also an "around me" option where you can take video of where you are and transmit it somewhere. Once I figure out where I just transmitted video of my small grey, cube in the media workroom, I'll let you know.