Bringing a bunch of children for an afternoon of watching tennis may sound like a great idea at first. Eventually, their miniscule attention spans will start screeching that they are bored or hot or want ice cream. Or perhaps all three.

The USTA figured this out beforehand and put together the USTA Smash Zone for kids that are bored and hot. It's located at the indoor training facility, where it's air conditioned, and it's a bunch of inside tennis-related activities designed to wear out your offspring. You can put your little one inside a tank full of floating balloons and see how many they can grab. There's mini courts set up so kids can take a few swings (at each other or not), or if you want to see how fast your 7 year old can serve a tennis ball, there's a station for that.

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And Mommy or Daddy or sister or whoever can enjoy the unparalled bliss of central air conditoning.