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The Newsday sports trivia quiz for May 18

Giants defensive back Jason Sehorn on Sept. 22,

Giants defensive back Jason Sehorn on Sept. 22, 1999. Credit: Jack McCoy

A daily sports trivia quiz to test your knowledge of sports history.

(Newsday is opening this content to all readers as we provide Long Islanders with a way to take a break during the coronavirus outbreak. All readers can learn the latest news at


How many attempted layups did the Knicks’ Charles Smith fail to get off or make in the final seconds of Game 5 of the 1993 NBA Eastern Conference final against the Bulls?


Who is the only current New York-area head coach/manager who has won a pro league championship in that capacity?


What is Derek Jeter’s middle name?


Only one Mets player has worn uniform No. 00. Who was it?


Which actress was Giants cornerback Jason Sehorn married to when he played for the team?


In what New York City borough did Lou Gehrig grow up?


What future Met pitched for the Alaska Goldpanners of Fairbanks in the Alaska League in 1964 and ’65?


Who played former Yankees shortstop Mark Koenig in both “The Pride of the Yankees” and “The Babe Ruth Story”?