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Week 16 running back rankings

Here are the running back rankings for Week 16 in PPR leagues.

1. Chris Johnson (Titans) vs. Rams
2. Frank Gore (49ers) vs. Lions
3. Adrian Peterson (Vikings) at Bears
4. Maurice Jones-Drew (Jaguars) at Patriots
5. Ray Rice (Ravens) at Steelers
6. Cedric Benson (Bengals) vs. Chiefs
7. Steven Jackson (Rams) at Cardinals
8. Jamaal Charles (Chiefs) at Bengals
9. Ryan Grant (Packers) vs. Seahawks
10. Thomas Jones (Jets) at Colts
11. Ricky Williams (Dolphins) vs. Texans
12. Jonathan Stewart (Panthers) at Giants (if DeAngelo Williams is out)
13. Beanie Wells (Cardinals) vs. Lions
14. Pierre Thomas (Saints) vs. Buccaneers
15. Rashard Mendenhall (Steelers) vs. Ravens
16. Fred Jackson (Bills) at Falcons
17. Jerome Harrison (Browns) vs. Raiders
18. LaDainian Tomlinson (Chargers) at Titans
19. Brandon Jacobs (Giants) vs. Panthers
20. Marion Barber (Cowboys) at Redskins
21. Jason Snelling (Falcons) vs. Bills (if Michael Turner is out)
22. Laurence Maroney (Patriots) vs. Jaguars
23. Knowshon Moreno (Broncos) at Eagles
24. Ahmad Bradshaw (Giants) vs. Panthers
25. Michael Bush (Raiders) at Browns (drop if Justin Fargas plays)
26. Justin Forsett (Seahawks) at Packers
27. Maurice Morris (Lions) at 49ers
28. Tim Hightower (Cardinals) vs. Lions
29. LeSean McCoy (Eagles) vs. Broncos
30. Felix Jones (Cowboys) at Redskins
31. Matt Forte (Bears) vs. Vikings
32. Quinton Ganther (Redskins) vs. Cowboys
33. Mike Bell (Saints) vs. Buccaneers
34. Reggie Bush (Saints) vs. Buccaneers (questionable)
35. Marshawn Lynch (Bills) at Falcons
36. Darren McFadden (Raiders) at Browns
37. Derrick Ward (Buccaneers) at Saints
38. Joseph Addai (Colts) vs. Jets (will likely not play whole game, risky)
39. Arian Foster (Texans) at Dolphins
40. Jerious Norwood (Falcons) vs. Bills
41. Cadillac Williams (Buccaneers) at Saints
42. Julius Jones (Seahawks) at Packers
43. Larry Johnson (Bengals) vs. Chiefs
44. Ryan Moats (Texans) at Dolphins
45. Shonn Greene (Jets) at Colts
46. Leonard Weaver (Eagles) vs. Broncos
47. Chester Taylor (Vikings) at Bears
48. Darren Sproles (Chargers) at Titans
49. Willis McGahee (Ravens) at Steelers
50. Chris Jennings (Browns) vs. Raiders
 DeAngelo Williams, Michael Turner and Brian Westbrook not ranked due to questionable status.

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