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Yanks' Sabathia has big pants to fill

Everything looks bigger on television.

Well, everything except CC Sabathia's pants. They're really that big.

Sabathia's baggy uniform has drawn plenty of attention from casual fans this postseason. Officially, the 6-foot-7, 290-pound Sabathia - who's the Yankees' starting pitcher for Game 1 tonight in the Bronx - wears size 42 pants, which is believed to be the largest the Yankees have ever issued to one of their players. (Yes, even larger than portly David Wells.) For the sake of comparison, Derek Jeter wears a size 35.

And what makes Sabathia's pants seem even bigger is that he prefers them baggy. Really baggy.

Sabathia's pants are so big that on one of the first days of spring training, teammates Brian Bruney and Nick Swisher were among a group of guys who tried them on just for fun.

According to one onlooker, Bruney and Swisher were described as "swimming in them."

Tuesday, during Sabathia's interview session, he was asked whether he thinks he has more pinstripes on his uniform than anybody in Yankee history. Sabathia rolled his eyes and laughed at the question.

"I've never counted them," he said. "I do know I probably have the biggest uniform in the history in baseball, though. I'm proud of that."

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