7-year old daughter Sarah, recently lost her cousin, Jake, to a brain tumor. He was her age, and she has truly been affected by this, along with the rest of the family. As you can imagine, every day is a struggle. Before he passed away, Sarah had the idea of helping the families and siblings of other children who were ill. Jake spent a lot of time at Schneider Children's Hospital, so Sarah thought it fitting to involve herself with The Center for Hope. It's a grief counseling program through Schneider's. She started a prgram titled, Sarah's 'Cents' through her school. Flyers were sent out asking that children do one extra chore a day to earn some 'cents' for the center. "Cents makes Sense", is her motto. With the help of family and friend donations as well, Sarah visited the center a couple of weeks ago with almost $200.00. Yesterday, we happily sent in another total of $237.00 to the Center for Hope. This is a bittersweet time for the family and I am so proud of my daughter's kindness and charity. She has found her own way to get through the grief; by helping other families and children going through heartbreak as well. She is my little hero. I know Jake would be proud of her as well.