We would like to spotlight Sarah facilitating a class on bully prevention to students here on Long Island. As a student volunteer at CAPS, Sarah Walmsley has embraced her role beyond the usual scope of a busy college student. Attending every training offered by CAPS, Sarah has chosen to facilitate our two-session bully prevention workshop for elementary school students, "Steer Clear of Bullies." She has received wonderful reviews from the participating classroom teachers. Through her volunteer work at CAPS, she also serves as a mentor to middle school girls in "What's Up Girl Talk?" In this capacity, through discussion and activities, Sarah is helping girls to overcome the stereotypes of "mean girls" by helping them develop skills of open and honest communication and working together towards a common purpose.

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Sarah's willingness to pitch in as a part of a team and her strong commitment to quality no matter how large or small the task is, are just some of her impressive characteristics.

We are thrilled that she plans to continue her volunteer work at CAPS beyond her December graduation date. Considering Sarah's demanding course load, a part-time employment commitment and her volunteer contribution at CAPS, we believe Sarah is deserving of attention. I submit her name here in the hopes that Newsday will help us to applaud her!