STAMFORD - Members of the Elks Lodge in Stamford are frustrated with construction going on next door and are asking the city for help.

A retail and residential building is being constructed next to the lodge on Hope Street. Between both is a parking lot owned by the lodge that aligns the property line. Lodge Leader Rick Petersen says the new building's foundation extends 6 to 8 inches over the property line and into their space. Petersen says the lodge has hired its own surveyor to assess this.

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Petersen says construction debris is also falling on cars parked in their lot and nothing has been done to reduce it. The lodge wants Stamford to offer them a public forum to discuss the issues, which Petersen says violates local zoning laws.

Mayor David Martin's office says it received a letter from the lodge, mapping out the concerns. Martin is setting up meetings with various officials to see whether the claims are valid and what will be done to resolve the issue.