THE BRONX - A state Supreme Court justice who was supposed to be presiding in Bronx court for the first six months of 2013 is still working in the borough, due to her diligence in decreasing the number of outstanding cases.

Judge Patricia DiMango was brought to the Bronx from Brooklyn Supreme Court to help deal with the backlog of cases, some of which date back several years. In her first six months in the Bronx, she had nearly 700 deposition settlements that cut a pile of old cases in half.

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She was first appointed to her judge’s chair by Mayor Rudy Guiliani in 1995.

“I'd like to think that I'm a fair judge but I'm a stern judge,” says DiMango. “I think that I bring a unique combination of a lot of street sense and street smarts."

Apart from her quick handling of cases, DiMango has a no-nonsense attitude and will speak directly with defendants. She says her specialty is helping defendants take plea deals rather than go to trial.

"She’s smart and streetwise and she knows the bottom line at each one of these cases and she gets right to it,” said attorney James Martorano. “She cuts to the chase and I respect that. I wish I had all my cases here.”