We met actress Stefanie Scott, who stars as Lexi Reed on the Disney show "A.N.T. Farm," when she was visiting Planet Hollywood in Manhattan recently.

In the show "A.N.T. Farm" you're a fashionista. Are you into fashion in real life? If so, what is your favorite place to shop?

I am into fashion in real life. Some of my favorite places to shop, I love vintage stores, so I love used clothing. You can buy really fun things. Forever 21, ASOS, places like that.

Does your character relate to someone you once knew?

I think everybody knows a girl kind of like Lexi where she strives for so much and I think she has a lot of big dreams, but she steps on people's toes to get there. I definitely know a lot of people like that. I think deep down inside she really does have a good heart. I just think she shields and she goes around a weird way of showing it.

What kind of impression do you want to leave on your fans?

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I want to make sure that everybody knows that kindness is free. I want to make sure people are kind to one another and I think that's something I want to leave an impression on making sure people treat others the way we want to be treated and feel loved, and I think that's how I want to feel, too.

What is it like working for Disney?

It's fun working for Disney. It's been a dream of mine since I was your age. I would watch a show called "Lizzie McGuire" every day and I was obsessed with it and I wanted to be just like her. So now that I get to be on the Disney Channel and have girls like you look up to it. It's a blessing. It's fun.

What was your favorite subject when you were in fourth grade?

I loved English the best. I love writing and reading. I love writing stories and music, poems. I love anything creative. I love art.

We've heard you like to sing. Do you like to dance, too?

I do like to dance. That's how I got started. I did dance competitions and school plays and theater and stuff. I want to do Broadway in a few years and so I can't wait to start singing and dancing together again.

What is your favorite role out of all the characters that you played?

I definitely say the "A.N.T. Farm" was a fun one. I did a movie called "Flipped" you guys might have seen. It was about a young love story in the '60s, which is really cool because we got to wear '60s fashion.

What was it like having Zendaya on the set with you?

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It was so fun. I've known Zendaya since we did our first commercial together for iCarly toys when we were 12. So I've known her for a very long time and it was really fun being reunited again and we worked together on "Frenemies."