PELHAM - The family of a Pelham man missing in Mexico is taking his story to international news outlets, hoping that it will lead to him.

Harry Devert, 32, was on a motorcycle trip in southern Mexico and was last heard from via text message on Jan. 25. He told his girlfriend he would be meeting up with a military escort through a rural town in a dangerous area of the country. No one has heard from him since. His phone is no longer in service and his bank account hasn't had any activity. 

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Devert's mother, Ann, has been giving interviews to international media to spread awareness about her son's disappearance to a large audience. The exposure has brought in several tips and some volunteers have also offered to help search mountainous areas. His family and friends believe he may be hurt somewhere, or is in an area where he has no way to get in contact.

Devert's family and friends have set up a Facebook page and Twitter account to help find him.