Dear Applicant:

Newsday's Summer Journalism Program is designed for college students interested in a newspaper career.

Interns work as reporters, photographers or artists, and are given actual assignments for publication. They are participants, not merely observers, in the daily process of putting out the newspaper. While applicants are encouraged to designate their preference in areas such as news, sports, entertainment, features and business, final determination will be made by the editors. With the exception of artists and photographers, interns must have completed their junior year in the spring preceding their internship. Artists and photographers must have completed their sophomore year in the spring preceding their internship. Library interns have the opportunity to work in a special library setting, doing general research and technical services. Library interns must be enrolled in an accredited MLS program.

The summer program also provides a series of seminars in which participants join with regular Newsday staff members in informal discussions on such topics as investigative reporting and column writing. Photo interns begin their internship with several days of working-seminars with staff photographers.

Interns will be paid approximately $523 for a 40-hour week. Interns are entitled to overtime and reimbursement for job related expenses. Each job in the summer program is for a minimum of 10 weeks. Since Newsday operates around the clock, seven days a week, interns can expect their hours to fluctuate. A car and a valid driver's license are required at the start of the internship.

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Please note: A writing test will be sent upon receipt of each application. We will accept applications and materials after the deadline date of Nov. 15. Selections will be based on application and other submitted materials, and will be announced by mid-March.

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Questions can be sent to attention Internship Coordinator.