NEWARK - The Denver Broncos and the Seattle Seahawks greeted fans and reporters at Super Bowl Media Day, held at the Prudential Center in Newark Tuesday.

The venue was transformed into a football haven with artificial turf, lights and cameras, where fans get a behind-the-scenes look at the Super Bowl teams as they are interviewed by reporters from around the world.

Thousands of fans paid $35 at ticket for the chance to soak it all in.

Players fielded questions as students from four Newark public schools and Rutgers University screamed and cheered for their favorite players.

"I'm really excited because a player walked by and handed me his hat," says Alliyah Butler.

Mekhi Rivers was thrilled at the chance to greet the players. "We've got the Super Bowl in our backyard. It's a once in a lifetime opportunity," he says.

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For Robert Ayers of the Denver Broncos, it's a homecoming. His father is a bus driver for NJ Transit and he's working hard to ensure all his family members have a good time on Super Bowl Sunday.

Prudential Center President Hugh Weber says the venue was up to the challenge. "Handling the volume of people isn't the issue," he says. "It's the fact that the world and it's attention is now on Newark and on New Jersey this week."

Media Day is normally held at the stadium where the Super Bowl is played, but for the first time it was held off-site, mainly because of weather concerns.