YORKTOWN - Almost one year after Superstorm Sandy, the owner of popular specialty supermarket Turcos in Yorktown is making sure his store won't lose power should another disaster hit.

After four decades in business, Preston Turco knows the supermarket business like the back of his hand, but insists none of that experience adequately prepared him for the devastation he witnessed at the hands of Hurricane Sandy. Turco's supermarket lost power for five days, he had to pay workers who couldn't work and there was nothing he could do to salvage most of the perishable food in the store.

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Turco vowed he would be better prepared come the next major storm. This summer he invested several hundred thousand dollars in a state-of-the-art generator, which takes up its fair share of real estate at the back of his store.

The store owner is now encouraging others to follow his lead. He says in these uncertain times, the next superstorm could be right around the corner.