One day last August, I went surfing with my soccer team. Going surfing at the Skudin Surf School in Long Beach was a great experience.

We were not alone. Our instructors told us what to do and how to be safe. They taught us how to stand on the board; while that is easy on the sand, it is a lot harder when you get into the water!

When they finished, we hit the waves. We were with instructors who pushed us to catch the wave. When I got pushed, I was excited but nervous. I got up on my board and stayed up until I reached the shore.

When I got up, I was so happy! I always wanted to surf, but I was too scared. All of my teammates who came did the same thing. We did that for one hour. Surfing with my soccer team was the best day of my life. I can't wait for summer!

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You should try it. Visit the website:

They work at Long Beach, Atlantic Beach, Lido Beach and Rockaway Beach.