JERSEY CITY - While preparing for a barbecue at her Freeman Avenue home, Angela Posey uncovered a tombstone dating back to 1900.

"I was just trying to have a cookout with my daughter and all of a sudden, I found a tombstone,” says Posey.

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The tombstone, covered up by overgrowth, has raised a lot of questions. Other tenants who have lived here for years say they had no idea the tombstone was back there, but the landlord says he's known all along.

"[It’s] been there since I bought the house. I saw it there", says Harry Arkais.

Jersey City police checked with nearby cemetery Holy Name, which said the person with the name on the tombstone is buried in the cemetery. Police believe the cemetery may have dumped the gravestone in the area years ago.

Police do not believe there are any bodies buried at the site, but they will be investigating with a SONAR-type machine.