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50 Staters from Long Island

Liz Cohen Goldstein and Jeff Goldstein of East

Liz Cohen Goldstein and Jeff Goldstein of East Meadow make the 50 sign at a golf course in Alaska in 2010 as they complete their goal of golfing in every state. Credit: Handout

We asked readers to share their experiences traveling to all 50 states. Here is a sampling:

How long did it take me to visit all 50 states? Would you believe about 60 years?! Growing up with a dad who was a professor at Hofstra gave our family several months in the summer to camp around the country. It probably helped that I had grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins living in 10 different states over the years. From Connecticut, Massachusetts, Vermont, Maryland and Florida to Kansas, Ohio, Colorado, California and later even Hawaii, we could stay with family. I had been to all but a few states while I was still a teenager. It was not until several years after I retired from 33 years of teaching -- and shortly before I became a grandmother -- that I visited the last three and was finally able to cross "Visit All 50 States" off my bucket list. -- Toby Selda, Northport

I have been to all 50 -- and drove to 49 of them. It took me about 8 years to get the 48 contiguous ones done, but I got them all in by the time I was 30. Alaska came two years later. And last was Hawaii, three years after that. I had to save up for the flight. -- April Earle, Baldwin

In June 1997 my husband, Jeff, and I decided to vacation in Vail, Colo., where we golfed outside New York State for the first time. It was a magnificent experience, and we had the brainstorm: Let's tour America through the game of golf. And so began Golf@50Together. Along the way we stumbled upon some lesser known but noteworthy locations like Hanging Lake in Colorado, Mackinac Island in Michigan, Santuario De Chimayo in New Mexico, the Badlands of South Dakota and Lake Coeur D'Alene in Idaho, with its famous floating island green, where you take a "ferry" to putt out. For details of our travels, pictures and reviews of some of the courses we have played, visit -- Liz Cohen Goldstein, East Meadow

I had been to 49 states by age 28. But it took another 23 years before I was able to visit my 50th State, Alaska, by virtue of a very nice land-sea tour. So, I guess you could say it took 51 years. -- Jim Vavrina, Medford

By the time my son was 13, he had been to all 50 states. We slept at the Out 'n' About Treehouse motel in Oregon, and Kokopelli's Cave B&B in Four Corners. We went to the northernmost tip of North America (Barrow, Alaska) to go into the Arctic Ocean. We took a hot-air balloon ride in New Mexico. We saw a rodeo in Montana, and ate roasted corn at the Idaho State Fair. We walked through a corn field in Iowa to the site where Buddy Holly's plane crashed. We walked across the Mississippi River at its headwaters in Lake Itasca, Minn. We saw July Fourth fireworks over Niagara Falls and over Mount Rushmore. Of course, we did the standards, but we pride ourselves on having done many "out of the ordinary" gems. -- Rob Gerver, Kings Park

I finished the 50 states with my twin sister, Carolyn, and my aunt in 2007. We had most of the states in the Northeast from traveling as kids. Then we did two big camping trips in college. One was to the national parks out west and the next summer we hit the southern states. Soon we were at 42 states and made it a goal to finish before our 30th birthday. We picked up the random ones, like Iowa and Nebraska, and finished big with an Alaskan cruise with my parents and cousins to celebrate. -- Noreen Matthews, West Islip

Our journey began in 1967, before we had kids, and we visited 23 states on a cross-country trip. When our kids were little we drove to Florida to see relatives and visited eight new states. When our kids were 8 and 10 we again drove cross country and picked up more states. On our 15th anniversary we went to Hawaii. In 2005, we visited Alaska. In 2008, we picked up the states that we had missed. Kansas was our 50th. We have visited the capital buildings for all 50. -- Ken and Phyllis Gross, Hauppauge

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