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A buyer's-remorse cure for daily-deal purchases screen shot screen shot Credit: Handout

That bungee-jumping deal in Boca was just too good to pass up, wasn't it? Too bad you can't get anyone to go with you now that you've shelled out some hard-earned cash for it. Are you stuck? Maybe not.

The folks behind have seen a need, apparently, and created a business to address it with their own deal of sorts: A second-chance service that will allow you to sell your unused purchases from Groupon, Living Social or any of the more than 150 other group buying sites out there. The marketplace is also a good site to check if you've hemmed and hawed on a deal until it expired.

Here's how it works: 

Sellers determine their own price and can edit their listings at any time to change the price or remove deals entirely. Buyers simply buy whatever deal they want. Posting a deal is free, but the seller is charged 99 cents plus 8 percent of the selling price for each completed sale. 

The buyer pays and gets instant access to the voucher, and the seller receives the payment immediately. To protect buyers, the site offers a full refund if the voucher is found to be invalid within 60 days of the purchase.

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