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30° Good Morning

A flight perk? Today must be my lucky day

Heading out of town shortly, and while I'm used to getting hit with unexpected, change-the-rules-in-the-middle-of -the-game fees and inconveniences due to airline, hotel, cruise, etc., policy changes, this morning's visit to my inbox brought an unexpected surprise from JetBlue.

Having shelled out a few extra clams for four Even More Legroom seats at the front of the plane, which come with early boarding priviliges and early access to overhead bins (crucial due to all the clowns who see fit to stash their bags in the first bin they see before proceeding to their seat elsewhere in the plane so when you get to your seat, your overhead bin is full,) I was just notified that the airline is giving me an extra perk. Free. Gratis. 

A new perk called, appropriately, Even More Speed, is being bestowed upon those who purchase an Even More Legroom seat. Even More Speed allows for expedited security passage.

The email I received went like this:

"We're excited you'll be traveling with us soon and even more excited to share some great news about your trip!

"When you booked your flight, you (or one of your travel companions in your reservation) purchased an Even More Space seat (formerly Even More Legroom), which offers customers extra legroom, early boarding, and early access to overhead bin space. Since then, we have launched a new product called Even More Speed which provides customers with expedited security in select markets.

"Initially, we're including Even More Speed with all Even More Space purchases, so we wanted to make sure you didn't miss out. Therefore, anyone in your reservation that purchased an Even More Space seat will be able to take advantage of Even More Speed if their flight departs from the following cities:

"Austin (AUS)
Baltimore (BWI)
Buffalo (BUF)
Charlotte (CLT)
Chicago (ORD)
Fort Lauderdale (FLL)
Jacksonville (JAX)
Las Vegas (LAS)
Los Angeles (LAX)
New York (JFK)
Newark (EWR)
San Francisco (SFO)
Seattle (SEA)
Washington/Dulles (IAD)"

How sweet is that? Of course, I wasn't born yesterday, so my antennae perked up when I read the word "initially," which implies, of course, that soon Even More Space will have another fee associated with it.

It's sort of like the drug dealer in all those movies who gives out the first sample of (insert addictive illegal substance here), knowing that the unsuspecting wayward character will be back for more and pay dearly for it. But for now, I'm going to enjoy my free perk.

On another, unrelated note, I also received this email from this morning:

"Although you originally ordered Standard Shipping, we're upgrading the shipping time frame for your order. It will ship out today, so you'll get it even faster than we originally promised! It's kind of like we waved our magic wand!

Please note that this is being done at no additional cost to you. It's our way of saying thanks for being our customer."

No, thank YOU, Zappos and JetBlue!

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