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Airlines get creative with funny in-flight safety videos

Airlines -- and their safety announcements -- have

Airlines -- and their safety announcements -- have come a long way. Credit: Mattel Inc.

I'm not exactly a globe-trotting frequent flier who belongs to the million-mile club, but I do fly at least a couple times a year. Despite having been physically present for countless safety announcements, both the in-person kind and the video versions, I'd still be hard pressed to find my flotation device in the event of an emergency. Why? Because they're boring. Usually, I try to pay attention, but my eyes just glaze over and my focus turns to the impending arrival of the snack cart.

I'm guessing I'm not alone because some airlines have been getting crafty with their delivery of this vital information in an attempt to get passengers to pay attention. Most recently, Delta has captured my attention with the release of its upcoming holiday-themed video, which will be shown aboard flights in the coming months. It's so cute, I just watched it twice, and I'm not even sky-bound; I'm chained to my desk here at Direct Flight headquarters.

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Delta isn't the only airline to get creative. As far as I know, Southwest doesn't show videos, but the few times I've flown the airline, the shtick and banter from the crew kept me amused and entertained. Funny is a Southwest thing, and the crew members mix it up every time. Here's a rapping flight attendant captured on video by a passenger or crew member:

Alaska Airlines flight attendants deadpan their witty announcement:

It's all rugby fun and games aboard Air New Zealand until an octogenarian lady streaks down the aisle:

And speaking of octogenarians, Air New Zealand enlisted Betty White to make another of its safety announcements:

Still, none is as funny as George Carlin's "safety lecture" stand-up bit, but what with this being a family website and all, you'll have to find that one on your own.

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