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American Airlines unveils Mileage Multiplier program

American is offering passengers the opportunity to purchase double or even triple miles for their flights upon check-in. To participate, be sure to provide your AAdvantage number when making your reservation. Then, check in for your flight on or at a self-service kiosk at the airport (available in U.S., Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands airports). Then swipe your credit card to buy double or triple the miles you'd earn on the flight.

Here's an example of how this works from

Fly AA from Chicago O’Hare to Dallas/Fort Worth and you will earn 802 AAdvantage base miles. Or... increase your mileage balance with Mileage Multiplier:

* Opt for double miles and earn a total of 1,604 miles for only $24
* Opt for triple miles and earn a total of 2,406 miles for just $48

This sounds like a really good deal to me, especially for travelers like me who generally fly on free miles whenever possible. I pay most of my bills -- cell phone charges, charitable donations, newpaper delivery (yes, I do have to pay for Newsday), cable television (yes, I do have to pay for Cablevision), internet service provider (yes, I do have to pay for Optonline), etc. Those are bills I'd have to pay anyway, and it doesn't cost any more to charge them. Plus, it's easier to write just one check at the end of the month. And I usually rack up enough miles for my family of four to fly somewhere for free at least once every 2 years. Earning those 802 points this way would cost  $802 in charges to my credit card, so $24 is a major deal.


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