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Travel Downloadable travel guides


DESCRIPTION Downloadable travel guides - for a price

TARGET AUDIENCE Those wanting to know more

BOTTOM LINE Culture and history at your fingertips

What started as one couple's notes aimed at filling in the gaps in guidebooks has become - a menu of downloadable travel guides that covers cultural and historical topics of interest to thoughtful travelers.

There are bite-size travel guides specializing in topics ranging from 29 pages on the foods of Italy to one that helps you explore the historical and architectural significance of Angkor's famous temple structures in Cambodia. But you don't have to buy a guide to get value from the site. Check out its Travel Tips page for recommended tour operators and local guides, or its blog for weekly travel tips.

It's good to support fellow travelers, and we commend their hard work in putting the guides together in a pretty package, but the prices are sometimes a bit unreasonable. Ten dollars is too much for a 10-page download ("Last Supper Frescoes of Florence") or a 16-page PDF on Buddhism. That said, you do get to preview several pages before you buy, which makes it easier to eliminate topics you're on the fence about.

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