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ARK at JFK opens: Animals get their own airport lounge

An artist rendering shows the ARK animal lounge

An artist rendering shows the ARK animal lounge at Kennedy Airport. Credit: ARK Development

We human travelers have airport lounges, massage chairs and in-terminal yoga classes. Our pets have a crate and water.

To improve equality among the species, the world’s first privately owned animal terminal and quarantine recently opened at John F. Kennedy International Airport. The ARK at JFK offers round-the-clock service to animals with flight plans. Racebrook, the company behind the project, has partnered with such experts as Cornell University’s College of Veterinary Medicine and the Agriculture Department.

The Oasis welcomes pets arriving, departing or in-between flights for an accommodation fee starting at $125. Before takeoff, the owners can drop off their animal at the facility for a preflight walk and survey of the crate for airline compliance. The staff will transport the pet to the aircraft and coordinate with the airline on the departure time. There will also be 48 hay-lined horse stalls.

On arrival, the staff picks up the four-legged traveler from the airplane and handles the customs details. The animal then receives a bath, meal, brushing and stroll on a wide strip of lawn. The staff also cleans the travel crate and tucks the pup into an individual kennel until his or her ride arrives. For more info, go to

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